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Empowering Income Generation Initiatives
Pathway to Empowerment: Achieving Economic Independence

Sanchetana is committed to equipping women and young girls with income-generating opportunities. Our primary goal is to facilitate their economic independence, a vital step towards individual and community empowerment. Through various programs, we ensure that the ownership of these initiatives transitions from Sanchetana to the women and girls in the slums we serve.

Our Key Interventions

KaagazKaari; Crafting a Sustainable, Creative, and Eco-Friendly Future

Sanchetana's innovative initiative in Ahmedabad sees women collaborating with professional designers to craft recyclable papers into stunning, eco-friendly products. This creative endeavor is not only economically viable but also environmentally responsible, contributing to a healthier and more peaceful society. Explore our range of beautiful, sustainable products, including baskets (with or without lids), pen stands (with or without lids), coasters, dustbins, lamps, and table mats, and join us in fostering a 'Green India - Safe Planet

Vocational Training: Empowering Through Education and Skill Development

Every year, Sanchetana empowers approximately 1000 women and adolescent girls with a diverse range of vocational training opportunities. These programs are conducted at our two vocational centers in Behrampura and Bombay Hotel, as well as through local area-level setups. Our courses encompass a wide spectrum, including Basic computer, Basic and Advanced Stitching, Beauty Parlour, and Henna application. Moreover, we collaborate with various stakeholders, including government and non-government organizations, and engage expert individuals to conduct short-term, value-added training workshops. These workshops cover general nursing assistant course, driving, advanced makeup techniques, hairstyling, cooking, government schemes, health education, and more. At Sanchetana, we're committed to building a skilled and empowered community of women and girls.

Bringing Skills to Your Doorstep: Area-Level Vocational Training

Sanchetana understands that access to vocational training is critical for women and girls who aspire to build their skills and earn a livelihood. To bridge this gap, we've introduced area-level vocational set-ups. These initiatives specifically target areas where our beneficiaries reside, but are geographically distant from our central Vocational Centers. For those who face challenges in commuting to our permanent centers, we offer basic beauty-parlor and Henna courses right in their neighborhoods. These courses are conducted in houses arranged by the participants themselves. Our aim is not only to provide essential skills but also to encourage them to participate in other courses at our centers. We believe that these initiatives help women and girls gradually expand their horizons beyond their immediate communities.

Empowering Change Makers: Capital Assistance for Community Leaders

Sanchetana's Capital Assistance program nurtures community leaders making a significant impact on their neighborhoods. While the financial support per woman may not be substantial, ranging from 7500 to 10,000 rupees (or up to 20,000 rupees in specific cases), it plays a crucial role in enhancing their income. This program exclusively earmarks funds for income generation, inspiring women to explore entrepreneurship. We encourage them to utilize their earnings for education or healthcare, elevating their quality of life and safeguarding them from debt. Importantly, participants return the money, understanding its transformative potential for other women. This sense of responsibility and ownership amplifies the program's impact, creating a ripple effect of empowerment within the community. Together, we're fostering lasting change."

Empowering Through Market Linkages

At Sanchetana, we recognize that establishing deep and sustainable connections with the market is pivotal for income generation. For women who've acquired valuable skills at our vocational centers or received capital assistance, this represents a logical progression. However, it doesn't end there. We extend our efforts to include women who haven't directly engaged with these interventions. By forging connections with wholesalers, factories, and local shops, we open up income-generating opportunities for these women and their communities. They, in turn, become catalysts for change. Many of these women draw in others from their neighborhoods and families, offering them employment within the comfort of their homes. This flexible approach empowers women who might otherwise struggle to balance work and family responsibilities. Our program also highlights the entrepreneurial spirit of some women who leverage their skills to involve others, resulting in enhanced earnings for themselves and their communities. Together, we're creating a thriving network of economic independence.


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