The Birth of the Institute for Initiatives in Education (IFIE)

In 1992, India faced social turmoil as conflicts surged between upper and lower castes, Hindus and Muslims. These tensions threatened the nation’s secular fabric. After involving 5,000 voices in dialogues, the potential of education emerged as a transformative force. In response, Sanchetna established the Institute for Initiatives in Education (IFIE) in 1993.

For over 15 years, IFIE extended a hand to marginalized children through educational programs, sowing seeds of peace. High school coaching embraced both Hindu and Muslim students, dissolving distrust. Joint communal celebrations, leadership camps, and cultural events fostered unity. IFIE’s first coaching class in 1994-95 ignited local initiatives, expanding education’s reach across Gujarat.

Dynamic meetings and tailored programs nurture community leaders. Unity strengthens as identity flourishes within the Sangathan. Regular group sessions enrich leadership capacities.

Experience the evolution that fuels empowerment. Witness how education sparks change at IFIE.

Creating Leadership to Empower Education in Slums​

Our Key Interventions

IFIE's Community Classes

IFIE's Community Classes shine as a testament to Sanchetana's commitment to nurturing community leaders. Adolescent leaders orchestrate these unique classes in slums for younger children, setting them apart in two significant ways. Firstly, they are led by volunteers from within the slum itself, demonstrating a genuine dedication. Secondly, these classes redefine education with a creative approach - "no blackboard, no punishment!" Instead, marbles, stones, and everyday materials foster engaging learning experiences right in their homes. In the past year, 40 leaders conducted 25 community classes, touching the lives of over 1000 children. This outreach continues to grow. Sanchetana plays a pivotal role in training these leaders, enabling them to lead various activities. From science to creative writing, they impart diverse knowledge to young learners. Once equipped, these leaders independently guide children through similar sessions, strengthening the community's educational fabric. Notably, adolescent leaders also spearhead initiatives like Summer Camp, Teacher’s Day, Children’s Day, and Parents' Meetings. Experience the power of leadership-driven education, fueling transformation within slum communities, and inspiring a brighter future.

Community School: Where Joy Meets Learning

Sanchetana sparked the flame of education through the leadership of young girls, a transformative journey that evolved into the creation of the Community School in 2018. This dynamic space emerged as a haven for curiosity and creativity, designed to nurture a deeper connection with subjects like science, history, and art. Guided by the community's young girls, this innovative approach prioritizes meaningful engagement over rote learning. From its inception, the curriculum has expanded beyond textbooks to include science and environment classes, igniting a thirst for knowledge in these brilliant minds. Looking ahead, we're excited to collaborate with experts who will enrich this platform and broaden the horizons of these young learners. Their infectious enthusiasm and boundless happiness fuel our determination to bring education alive. At the Community School, joy becomes the foundation for a lifelong love of learning.

Empowering Adolescent Girls for Higher Education

Sanchetana empowers adolescent girls to pursue higher education through scholarships, personalized guidance, and collaborations. We provide one-on-one support, including personal visits, counseling, and career guidance. Our partnerships with private coaching classes and teachers enable quality coaching. We also connect with the National Institute of Open Schooling (NIOS) for flexible examination options. Our approach is both individualized and collective, ensuring tailored assistance and addressing common challenges. Together, we're fostering educational success for these girls.


Adolescent Leaders


Community Leaders



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