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Empowering Women and Girls for Community Leadership

Sanchetana is dedicated to fostering community cohesion and empowering women and adolescent girls through leadership development. Our mission is to enhance collective action within slum communities, enabling residents to unite against exploitation and discrimination, ultimately becoming architects of their own progress. Central to this effort is the formation of “Sangharsh and Ekta Sangathan,” a dynamic organization of women and young female leaders.

This initiative serves as a unifying force, bringing together women and adolescent girls from diverse backgrounds within Ahmedabad’s slums. We’ve established 70 area-level groups, comprising 500 women and 300 adolescent girls. Through regular meetings and specialized programs, we equip them with the skills and knowledge needed to lead their communities effectively. Our ongoing commitment is to help them realize the power of their unity, embracing their identity as Sangathan members.

These women and girls participate in regular group meetings, both individually and collectively, further nurturing their leadership potential. By investing in their capacity development, we empower them to become formidable leaders within their communities, driving positive change from within.

Empowered Leaders Secure Government Benefits for Hundreds

The dedicated leaders of Sangharsh and Ekta Sangathan have achieved remarkable milestones by securing essential government schemes and services for hundreds of people in their communities. Through their tireless efforts, residents have gained access to vital resources such as Unique Identity Cards, Antyodaya cards, ration cards, election cards, and more. These achievements underscore the transformative impact of community leadership, as these empowered individuals work tirelessly to improve the lives of their fellow community members. Their commitment to securing government benefits ensures that marginalized populations have the support they need to thrive and prosper.

Transforming Lives: Leaders Enabling Access to Quality Education

Under the Right to Education Act, Sangharsh and Ekta Sangathan leaders are catalysts for change. They diligently complete and submit forms every year, facilitating countless admissions for children into private schools. Their unwavering commitment to education opens doors to a brighter future for numerous youngsters. By advocating for and ensuring the implementation of this vital act, these leaders are instrumental in transforming lives and fostering a more educated and empowered community.

Empowered Leaders Promote Health and Education in Communities

Sangharsh and Ekta Sangathan leaders are champions of knowledge and progress in their communities. They play a vital role in disseminating crucial information about health and education to women and girls through community classes and health clubs. These dedicated leaders ensure that their fellow community members stay informed and empowered to make informed decisions about their well-being and education. By actively engaging in educational initiatives and promoting health awareness, they contribute to the holistic development of their communities. Their commitment to sharing knowledge fosters positive change and paves the way for a brighter future for all.

Empowering Women: Leaders Catalyzing Self-Help Groups and Financial Independence

Today's leaders are architects of change, uniting women to establish various Self-Help Groups (SHGs) under government initiatives. Their dedication doesn't stop there – they navigate the intricacies of banking systems, securing loans that empower these groups. Through this collaborative effort, women are gaining financial independence and self-reliance. These leaders are true catalysts of progress, championing economic empowerment in their communities.


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