Organizing community

Organizing women and adolescent girls​
Building their capacity by Creating Leadership
Sanchetana aims at strengthening collective actions at the community level so that slum dwellers are able to stand together against exploitation and discrimination and become participants in their own development. 

Sangharsh and Ekta Sangathan (an organization of woman and young girl leaders) is the most significant initiative to achieve the goal of organizing women and adolescent girls through building their capacity as leaders. It brings women and adolescent girls from diverse backgrounds of our working areas (Ahmedabad slums) together to a common platform. They are organized under 70 area level groups consisting of 500 women and 300 adolescent girls.

Regular meetings and different programs are organized to build their capacity as community leaders. Continuous efforts are made so that they realize their unity can become their strength with their identity as the members of the Sangathan. Regular group meetings are organized with individual leader as well as their groups to facilitate leadership.

The leaders made efforts and got the rights of Government schemes like Unique Identity Card, Antyodaya cards, ration cards, election cards etc. for hundreds of people in their areas

The leaders now themselves bring women together to form different SHGs under government schemes and manage to get loans from banks

New water connections were brought and stone path was built in Garib Nagar. New water line and street lights were placed at Khodiyar Nagar.New water line was built in Bombay Hotel

The leaders impart regular information of health and education to the women and girls of their areas through community classes and health clubs.

Forms are filled and submitted every year under Right to Education Act by the leaders. As a result of which so many children get admission in private schools.


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