Creating Leadership to improve Reproductive Health of women and adolescent girls

Creating and training health leaders

Facilitate the health leaders to reach out to the community at large through various programs. At present more focus of health intervention has been on Reproductive Health of women and adolescent girls.

Detailed information is spread about different topics like Male-Female Reproductive Organs & functions, Chromosome, Sexually Transmitted Diseases, HIV/ AIDS, Menstruation and Menstrual problem, Care during Pregnancy & Neonatal care, risk during pregnancy, Breast Cancer, Cancer of Cervix, Contraceptive Methods, Abortion, Infertility, Prolapsed uterus, Leucorrhoea etc. to the community.Apart from that a number of exhibitions and campaign are held regularly to reach out to community at large.

Health clubs is an important initiative in this direction, in which adolescent girls and women are trained as Sexual and Reproductive Health trainers and they impart the same to the other women and girls in their areas. It is important to note that they do this voluntarily and in their own houses. At present around 30 leaders have started health clubs and they imparted training on various topics of Reproductive and Sexual Health to the girls and women in their areas. Each group consists of around 20 – 30 girls. Meeting with each group is organized almost every week in the slums where they reside.
Networking is done also with schools to impart adolescent health education to the adolescent girls and boys in the schools. Around 1000 girls and boys were reached out every year through Adolescent Health Programs in schools.

The field centres continuously provide information of diseases prevalent at any time of the year. They are more like Resource centres for Reproductive and Sexual Health of women and young girls. 


Adolescent Leaders


Community Leaders



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