Empowering Communities through Sustainable Waste Management

Nargisben inspires her community to embrace sustainable practices and eliminate the need for external fertilizers by turning their organic waste into nutrient-rich compost at home.

Modan Nargis

To Her Dreams

Modan Nargis, found her true identity and independence through Sanchetana's vocational training, health club and NVC programs, evolving from a student of computer and English courses to becoming an English teacher. inspiring others to pursue their dreams.


Equal Partner of the Educational Program!

Shabnam's experience in the friendly and enjoyable class environment not only helped her learn robotics but also boosted her confidence. Her commitment to learning and teaching demonstrates her role as an equal partner in the educational program.

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Not Scared Anymore

Reshma, a mother of four, has experienced newfound freedom and confidence through her 15-year association with Sanchetana, where her daughters have also pursued vocational courses, empowering them with valuable skills, transforming her into a fearless and confident.


A will finds a way

Jatin, a determined 15-year-old science enthusiast, overcame financial constraints to pursue his passion for robotics and engineering with the support of Sanchetana Community Health and Research Centre, demonstrating that where there's a will, there's a way to achieve one's dreams

Rajeshwai 1

When I joined the team, I was least bothered about my own body and health

Rajeshwari Marwadi, a member of Sanchetana's health club, underwent a transformation from being unaware of her own health to becoming a knowledgeable leader.


A Lifelong Advocate for Positive Change

Sukhiben, a dedicated 67-year-old Community Development Volunteer (CDV) with Sanchetana, has been a lifelong advocate for positive change in her community, starting in 1997 with the Child and Nutrition Program, and evolving into a leader who empowers women to open bank accounts, access loans, and build independent livelihoods.

Ansari Noorjehan

Nurturing Confidence and Communication Skills

I can confidently talk to others, make new alliances and enhance my knowledge through discussions. I became self-confident, independent and I wish to engage my younger sister with Sanchetana so that she too could experience the positive life changes.

Shaikh Firdosh

This is Breaking Barriers: Empowering Young Girls through Health Education

This newfound knowledge opened doors to a broader perspective on life. She realized that education is not just essential; it's empowering.

Salma with her one of the customers

Always a room for improvement

Salma Shah, an aspiring beautician, transformed her passion into a thriving career with the help of Sanchetana's vocational training, becoming an independent and skilled professional who continued to flourish even during the COVID-19 pandemic, setting an inspiring example for other women whose lives have been positively impacted by Sanchetana.


Meeraben’s Inspiring Journey

With Sanchetana's support, Meeraben ventured into entrepreneurship, establishing a bleach and washing powder business that made her self-reliant and enabled her to secure better marriages for her daughters.


Rita's Journey of Transformation

Through Sanchetana's Adolescent Health Program and vocational training, Rita achieved financial independence and becoming a change agent within her family and community, demonstrating how knowledge and skills can break limitations and inspire others to create a brighter future.

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