·          Reproductive Health Program

Reproductive Health Program seeks to improve reproductive health of women in urban slums of Ahmedabad. Detailed information is spread about different topics like Male-Female Reproductive Organs & functions, Chromosome, Sexually Transmitted Diseases, HIV/ AIDS, Menstruation and Menstrual problem, Care during Pregnancy & Neonatal care, risk during pregnancy, Breast Cancer, Cancer of Cervix, Contraceptive Methods, Abortion, Infertility, Prolapsed uterus, Leucorrhoea etc. to the women in our working areas. Group meetings, training workshops, mini exhibitions etc are the tools to spread information. We also refer them to government hospitals for further check up and treatment if needed. Collaboration with government health agencies is an important component of this program.

Though Reproductive Health Program focuses on improving reproductive health of women in our slums, through reproductive health program, efforts are made to build an understanding among men and women to see woman’s productive and sexual rights as human rights, enabling women to make decisions regarding their reproduction and sexuality. Program seeks to make men and women aware about all forms of violence against women and a range of intersecting discriminations that affects women’s health.


·         Adolescent health program

Adolescence is the age of physical and mental changes. Unaware of the reasons of the changes, the adolescent age becomes that of the anxiety and trauma. In the context of marginalized section of Ahmedabad slums, adolescent girls have no source of guidance during the age. Also, adolescents are highly vulnerable to changes in social conditions. The socio- cultural context in which adolescent development takes place has an overwhelming impact on their health. Hence, our Adolescent Health Program.

The Adolescent Health Program seeks to enhance the capacities of adolescents so that they are in a position to take wiser decisions for their future and achieve self-respect and sense of worth. Intensive trainings are given to adolescent girls every year on Changes during adolescent age, Reproductive organs & functions, Menstruation and Menstrual Problems, Leucorrhoea, Contraceptive Methods, Chromosome, HIV/AIDS  and other Sexually Transmitted Diseases, etc. It is quite fascinating to see the girls discussing freely about all these topics, though they take time to open up after joining the program.

We also network with schools to impart adolescent health education to the adolescent girls and boys in the schools. It is important to note that every year we can reach out to hundreds of adolescent students through our adolescent health classes in schools. We impart adolescent health education to boys and girls together in schools.


·         State level training of trainers (TOT)


We have been conducting a State level training of trainers (TOT) for the people from other organizations working in the field of the health of the marginalized. We have focused on Reproductive Health of women and Adolescent Health. We network with different NGOs and health experts. TOT becomes a common platform bringing them together. We could reach out to thousands of marginalized people from urban and rural areas indirectly through TOTs. It was an example how networking can be a tool to reach out to people more effectively.